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Einladung Vorstellunsgespräch

A company officially sends an applicant an invitation to an interview to meet them in person as part of the application process. This invitation usually contains details such as the date, time and location of the meeting as well as the interviewers. It is an important step in the application process as it provides an opportunity to introduce yourself in person, ask questions and get more information about the position and the company.

Tips for the job interview

For optimal preparation for the interview, it is advisable to review your CV and cover letter and answer any questions that may be asked in the interview in advance. It is crucial to be on time, be polite and confident and pay attention to body language and facial expressions. You should remain honest and authentic during the interview and clearly explain why you are interested in the position.

The legal aspects of a job interview invitation.

 Employers in the EU and Switzerland must take a non-discriminatory approach to recruitment. Invitations to interview must not be based on gender, religion, skin color or other discriminatory characteristics. Furthermore, employers must comply with data protection regulations and handle applicants' personal data confidentially. Applicants have the right to receive information about how their data is handled and can take legal action if violations occur.