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Minijob health insurance

Minijob health insurance refers to health insurance for marginally paid employees in Germany. Minijobs are part-time jobs where the monthly income does not exceed a specific upper limit. This form of employment is particularly popular with students, pensioners or people who want to earn some money on the side. Even with low pay, mini-jobbers are entitled to various social benefits, including health insurance.

How does mini-job health insurance work?

As a rule, mini-jobbers are covered by statutory health insurance. Employer and employee share the health insurance contributions equally. The contribution rate is based on and calculated according to the amount of income. As mini-jobbers generally earn little, their contributions are correspondingly low. Nevertheless, they enjoy comprehensive health insurance cover.

What does mini-job health insurance cover?

As a rule, mini-job health insurance covers the same benefits as regular health insurance. These include visits to the doctor, medication, hospital stays and check-ups. Even if they are unable to work or pregnant, mini-jobbers are covered. In the event of illness, mini-jobbers must notify their employer of their incapacity to work in good time in order to receive the relevant benefits.

What happens if you have a mini-job abroad?

Specific regulations on health insurance apply if a mini-jobber works in an EU country or Switzerland. Normally, the mini-jobber must be in possession of a European Health Insurance Card in order to receive medical benefits in the event of illness. It is recommended that you check the applicable regulations in advance to ensure that you are adequately insured abroad.

What do you have to consider when you end a mini-job?

Health insurance via the mini-job ends when the mini-job ends. After that, the mini-jobber can take out alternative insurance, for example by taking out voluntary statutory health insurance or private health insurance. You should find out about the various options at an early stage to ensure seamless insurance cover.