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Employee Self Service (ESS) drastically reduces requests to HR

Let employees change or retrieve data and process steps defined by HR themselves. This saves both HR and employees a lot of time and stress.

Employee Self Service (ESS) drastically reduces requests to HR
Personnel file
Absence management
Control by HR

Maintain and view personnel files as efficiently as possible

Instead of, for example, sending a change of address as an employee to HR by e-mail so that they can then change it in the personnel file, the employee can do this quickly and easily themselves. Employees can also view all the information in their personnel file themselves at any time and do not have to contact HR. This saves both the employee and HR a lot of time and stress.

Maximum efficiency in absence management

Leave can be requested quickly and easily by employees and approved by line managers without HR having to get involved. The applicant can see directly whether other team members have requested or been approved for leave at the intended time. Sick notes and certificates also do not have to be sent by email or even on paper "via HR", but rather quickly and efficiently directly in the system.

Efficient vacation management

Fast sickness notification and certificate processing

Full control by HR

Thanks to our detailed role-rights concept, HR has full control over what data can be changed, when and by whom. You can also define that a change must be finally "approved" by the manager and/or HR or that they at least receive an immediate notification as soon as something has been changed.

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Full control by HR
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