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Our Story

HR software out of passion

Find out more about who we are, what drives us and what keeps us going.

Our values

We have focused on three core values that we cultivate every day: Less is more, both in our internal relationships and in our cooperation with customers and partners.

that means for us...

  • We do not stand still
  • We want to grow and constantly improve
  • We keep our finger on the technological pulse
  • We have self-drive and a healthy ambition
  • We do not do "service by the book"
  • We are curious
<h2><span class="jacando-highlight">DRIVE </span>-<br>that means for us...</h2>

for us that means...

  • Openly addressing problems
  • No tinkering, but solid, stable solutions
  • Deliver what you promise
  • Respectful treatment
  • Clear communication to the point
  • The best solution and right decisions for the organization, not the ego
<h2><span class="jacando-highlight">PROFESSIONALISM </span>-<br>for us that means...</h2>

- that means for us...

  • A healthy sense of reality
  • Success through clean good work, no magic short-cuts to success
  • Healthy modesty despite ambitious goals
  • We prefer to invest every euro and every franc in the product rather than in PR or stock market stories
  • We handle the resources entrusted to us by our customers responsibly
<h2><span class="jacando-highlight">GROUND STABILITY<br></span>- that means for us...</h2>

Our management team


Managing Director Sales & Marketing, Finance & HR


Managing Director Tech, Customer Success & Operations


Head of Sales & Marketing


Head of Product


Head of Engineering

A successful "German- Swiss co-production"

If there are countries that stand for quality, stability and reliability worldwide, then they are probably Germany and Switzerland. The nice thing about jacando is that you don't have to choose, because jacando is the result of the best of both countries. We are at home in Germany and Switzerland - as are our servers.

jacando AG Basel
jacando AG Basel

A good half of our team works at the liveable location of Basel in the border triangle and, in addition to product development, specialises primarily in advising and supporting our valued customers in Switzerland.

jacando GmbH Munich
jacando GmbH Munich

In addition to product development, our marketing and sales activities are coordinated and our customers in Germany and Austria are supported from the Munich site.

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Our Vision
Our Vision

Every day, we work with passion and dedication for a cloud HR software that makes HR management and recruiting easy for both employees and employers - for more people and less admin.

Our Story

10 years jacando

jacando was initially founded in 2012 as a tech company for the automated matching of applicants and vacancies. This was followed in 2014/2015 by a change of strategy to SaaS HR software, which initially started with the "Recruiting" module (then "Match") and in the following years the software was expanded step by step to include the areas of "Personnel Administration", "Time Recording" and "Talent Management" in line with customer requirements. So this year, 2024, we can say "Congratulations on your 10th anniversary, jacando".

10 years jacando
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