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This is exactly what we work for every day

We prefer to invest the money you entrust to us in the product and customer care rather than in self-congratulation or fancy PR stories. But for an all-round complete impression, here are some of our satisfied customers.

This is exactly what we work for every day
The cover image for the success story of TENHIL-Group
A photo of the author Markus Reiß, who wrote this success story at TENHIL-Group
Markus Reiß
Director People & Organisation


The TENHIL Group is a joint venture of Rheinische Post Mediengruppe, Ippen Mediengruppe and the management board of TENHIL GmbH & Co. KG. The companies of the TENHIL Group offer...


When the companies were merged, a standardized HR software was also needed.


We had actually already decided on HR software.
Then jacando came around the corner.

The cover image for the success story of X-Trade
A photo of the author Alexander Tur, who wrote this success story at X-Trade
Alexander Tur
Head of HR


X-Trade is a specialized eCommerce retailer in the fashion sector. They focus on building brands and developing customized eCommerce strategies.


Some preferred tools were rejected for data protection reasons, others were too expensive.


Previously Word, Excel and Explorer were used, now there is a seamless system landscape that reduces administrative tasks enormously.

The cover image for the success story of Pröckl GmbH
A photo of the author Doris Resch, who wrote this success story at Pröckl GmbH
Doris Resch
Head of HR

Pröckl GmbH

Pröckl GmbH offers high-quality building envelopes in industrial and commercial construction with innovative technologies and customer-oriented service.


The old system landscape caused Pröckl's HR department to spend an unnecessary amount of time finding the right data.


It was not possible to spend 90% of the time on implementation. Fortunately, the jacando onboarding team prepared everything well in parallel.


Companies from all sectors, especially those with 50-1,000 employees, use jacando

Medicine & Health

Innovative HR solutions for the healthcare sector.

Art & Culture

Customized HR tool for the creative and cultural scene.

Finance & Law

Effective HR solutions for financial and legal service providers.

Logistics & Traffic

Optimal HR work for the logistics sector.

Hotel & gastronomy

Modern HR management for the hotel and catering industry.

Trade & Export

Innovative HR software for trade and export.

Cities and clubs

Efficient solutions for municipal facilities and associations.

IT & Telecommunications

Agile HR technologies for the IT and telecommunications industry.

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