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Professional applicant management from advertisement to onboarding

Say goodbye to Excel lists - every application lands directly in jacando, where you can effortlessly manage and document it from the initial response to interviews and internal assessment through to acceptance or rejection in one place and with the involvement of all relevant people.

Professional applicant management from advertisement to onboarding
Ad layout
Application form
Incoming applications
Predefined phases
Feedback & rating function

For a good impression & maximum recruiting success

Thanks to predefined ad layouts, you can create a new job ad with jacando in just a few clicks, fill it with all relevant content including image and video material in your CI and submit it for internal approval.

All applications in one place

Determine which application form an interested candidate should fill in and send and include this as a link in every job advertisement. This way you can be sure that all applications only arrive via jacando. If necessary, you can of course still feed applications received by e-mail into jacando without any problems.

Customizable Application Forms
Consolidated Application Management

Fast, efficient screening of incoming applications

Send personalized automatic confirmations of receipt and Next Steps, quickly identify interesting candidates and either contact them directly or give high priority to obtaining an assessment of them from colleagues or specialist departments. Because with the right candidates, you need to be quick.

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Fast, efficient screening of incoming applications

Keep the overview

Manage your applications efficiently via predefined phases and maintain an overview - so that you keep the focus on the interesting talent and exciting new applications don't get lost. With automatic workflows and reminder functions, you can ensure that every application is processed in a timely manner at every stage - whether by you or your colleagues.

Structured Phase Management
Automated Workflows and Reminders

Get a complete picture quickly

Communicate with candidates, schedule interviews and involve key internal stakeholders such as specialist departments in the assessment and interview process. All assessments can be reviewed at any time using the practical feedback and rating function. So that they really speak the same language to candidates.

Wrap it up - or politely decline

Easily create contract offers using templates and get the right candidates to contract quickly. This puts you a decisive step ahead of the competition. And thanks to automation and workflows, you can also ensure that every candidate receives at least a personalized and polite rejection.

HR Effizienz Boost

So that applicant management really runs "like clockwork"

Important overarching functionalities of jacando ensure maximum process efficiency and data quality in employee development.

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