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Fast and structured onboarding of new employees

Thanks to structured data transfer from the application process and clear process steps with automated workflows and notifications, you can ensure an onboarding process that minimizes effort for you and is professional for the new employee - because first impressions count.

Fast and structured onboarding of new employees
Onboarding process
Digital data acquisition

From 0 to 100 in one day

Thanks to jacando, much of the information about new colleagues that used to be painstakingly collected in the first few days of work can now be collected before they actually start. Data already available from the application process can be easily transferred. All important information and contact persons for the employee are stored and immediately accessible. This means that only a few formalities need to be completed on the first day so that new colleagues can focus directly on getting to know the team and their tasks.

Onboarding that runs like clockwork

With an onboarding process automated via a workflow from jacando, every employee knows internally what needs to be done and when, and is automatically reminded. You, in turn, can see where the process stands at any time and the new employees feel professionally looked after right from the start. Because nothing is as important as a good first impression.

Automatic workflows

Transparent tracking

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Onboarding that runs like clockwork

No more paper to save everyone time

No more filing paper documents and/or transferring them to Excel spreadsheets. This not only saves time but also reduces errors, such as when manually entering the IBAN number or address provided by the employee. The employee already provides the data digitally, so all you have to do is copy it or have them enter it directly into the personnel file and just check it yourself.

Professional offboarding

You can also define, schedule and assign responsibilities for all important to-dos for employee departures in a workflow. You have also recorded which employee has which work equipment, for example. This means that nothing is left lying around on the last day that has to be laboriously caught up on after the actual deadline.

Efficient offboarding process

Management of work equipment

HR Efficiency boost

So that onboarding and offboarding really runs "like clockwork"

Important overarching functionalities of jacando ensure maximum process efficiency and data quality in employee development.

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