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Talent Management

Employee development more compact and efficient than ever before

Easily implement and document basic elements of talent management such as regular performance reviews, target agreements or 360-degree feedback fully digitally.

Employee & target discussions

Use feedback forms to define how employee appraisals and target agreements should be conducted and documented in your company. Define fixed cycles in which meetings must be held and documented and automatically remind managers to hold the meetings, write the appraisals and have them digitally "approved" by manager and employee and attached to the digital personnel file.

Employee &
target discussions

Surveys & ratings

You can easily create surveys with quantitative and qualitative questions. These can be completed by selected employees, teams or the entire organization. The tool can be used in many ways: for upward feedback, as part of performance discussions or to gather opinions on the next company celebration.

Surveys &


Talent tags allow you to define important skills and assign them to employees. This allows you to quickly identify who has certain skills such as a class C driving license or first aider training.

Hr Efficiency Boost

So that talent management really runs "like clockwork"

Important overarching functionalities of jacando ensure maximum process efficiency and data quality in employee development. 

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