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Simplify and speed up your payroll accounting process

In jacando, you can easily maintain all essential data for payroll accounting, transfer it via an interface to payroll programs such as DATEV or your tax office, transfer the payroll accounting to your employees and much more.

Simplify and speed up your payroll accounting process
Preparatory payroll accounting
External payroll programs
Document transmission
Salary controlling

Preparatory payroll accounting

Record and update all data and information relevant to payroll accounting - from master data and working hours to parental leave and entitlements to special bonuses - in each employee's personnel file and have it ready at the touch of a button for regular payroll accounting via the payroll program or the tax office of your choice.

Interfaces to external payroll programs

Whether DATEV, Swiss Salary or other payroll accounting systems, we provide an efficient solution for transferring all information relevant for smooth payroll accounting to the payroll accounting solution of your choice. Data from your payroll accounting system, such as pay slips or digital payslips, can also be imported into jacando.

Transmission of wage and salary documents

Provide your employees with their wage and salary documents in their respective digital personnel file. Thanks to automated assignment, this takes a minimum of time for you. This saves you printing, distributing and sending your payslips - and your employees the tedious search for the payslip from 6 months ago.

Automatic document provision
Savings on printing and distribution costs

Salary controlling and comparisons

Since all data relevant to payroll accounting is stored in jacando and its historical changes are documented, you can make valuable evaluations such as the salary development over time of each employee, but also the comparison between teams, employment types or managers.

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Salary controlling and comparisons
HR Efficiency boost

So that payroll accounting really runs "like clockwork"

jacando's important overarching functionalities ensure maximum process efficiency and data quality in employee development.

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