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All data and documents securely in one place

All personnel data and documents for each employee are stored in the digital personnel file and only need to be maintained here. They can be viewed and evaluated at any time from anywhere, depending on the authorizations.

All data and documents securely in one place
Rights assignment
Data protection
Mass upload
Document upload

Maintain documents and information centrally

In jacando's digital personnel file, you can store all personnel data and documents such as employment contracts, addenda to employment contracts, sick notes, etc. in a secure digital location that is error-free, complete and legally compliant. You can group and arrange them as you wish, just like with traditional folders, but they are always available at the touch of a button instead of having to rummage through filing cabinets and folders.

Available from anywhere thanks to rights assignment

Is the management on the road and needs information on certain personnel data? With jacando, you can easily access it at the touch of a button. But it's even easier: you simply assign rights so that management and employees can look up the information themselves with the appropriate approval. From the office, the home office or via cell phone while on the move.

Mobile availability

Simple assignment of rights

Highest data protection

All data is protected thanks to encryption and stored in compliance with the GDPR. All servers on which your data is stored are ISO 27001 certified and are located in Germany and Switzerland. You can choose which location you prefer.

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The path to Iso Certificate ISO 27001 by 2025

Highest data protection

Reminders and resubmissions

Whether it's the end of a probationary period, a fixed-term contract, birthdays, upcoming employee appraisals, company anniversaries, work certificates or other important events - jacando reminds you and your employees of all important dates and events. This means you always have an overview and don't have to worry about forgetting anything.

Mass upload and first-time digitization

Do you currently only have your employment contracts and personnel documents in paper form? Or have you already digitized them but stored them in other systems and drives? No problem - when setting up jacando for the first time, our onboarding team will support you with the structured import of files from previous drives or systems.

Efficient mass upload

Professional onboarding team

No more scanning, submitting and filing

Both you in HR and employees upload personnel documents, health insurance contribution certificates, etc. easily and from anywhere (including mobile) directly into the digital personnel file. They are automatically informed when a new document has been uploaded. This saves you a lot of time, paper and money, especially for your employees.

HR Efficiency Boost

Damit in puncto digitale Personalakte wirklich alles läuft “wie am Schnürchen”

jacando's key overarching functionalities ensure maximum process efficiency and data quality in employee development.

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