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Simply work faster and better

With Workflows & Automations, you can speed up workflows from recruiting and onboarding to everyday processes in HR administration such as submitting, approving and documenting vacation requests or sickness notifications.

Simply work faster and better
Roles & rights
Controlling & documentation

Map your processes using checklists

With just a few clicks, you can define the steps to be carried out for each relevant HR process up to the desired final result in the style of a "checklist". You can define process steps or "to-dos" both in parallel and sequentially.

Assigning & tracking responsibilities

Define who is responsible for each process step. Thanks to our differentiated roles & rights concept, you can involve every employee within your company.


Define notifications that inform those responsible for a process step by e-mail and via their ToDo list in jacando if and when a process step needs to be performed by you. Regular reminders are also possible.

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For particularly critical process steps, you can incorporate releases that ensure that the process only continues once a third party or you have checked and approved the previous process step.

Controlling & documentation

All process steps and approvals are automatically documented in the system so that you can see at any time what was done or approved by whom and when. This allows you to see where things are still pending or to say "who did this back then?" even after 2 years.

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