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Employer brand

A company's image as an employer is what the employer brand refers to. It contains the perception that potential and current employees have of a company. Strong employer brands help companies to attract qualified talent. They strengthen employee loyalty and ultimately increase the company's performance. It is about the perception of the company as an employer and its differentiation from other employers.

Why is the employer brand important? 

In the competition for the best talent, the employer brand is crucial. An attractive employer brand can help applicants to perceive the company positively. This can simplify recruitment and reduce the cost of finding employees. A strong employer brand can also increase employee retention, as employees are proud to work for a reputable company. Satisfied employees promote a positive corporate culture and the company can enjoy long-term success. 

How is it possible to strengthen the employer brand? 

Various measures can be taken to strengthen the employer brand. These include clear communication of corporate values and culture, a pleasant working environment, attractive working conditions and benefits, targeted personnel development opportunities and open and transparent corporate communication. Care should be taken to ensure that employees act as brand ambassadors and are actively involved in shaping the employer brand. The company can increase its attractiveness as an employer and position itself as a leading employer through targeted employer branding measures.

Employer brand in the EU

In a cross-border labor market, the importance of the employer brand in the European Union is increasing as competition for talent intensifies. Companies should therefore do more to cultivate their image as an attractive employer in order to remain competitive in an international environment. Companies can use a strong employer brand to attract qualified specialists from different EU countries and retain them in the long term.

Employer brand in Switzerland

The employer brand also plays an important role in Switzerland. Swiss companies need to position themselves as attractive employers, as there is a shortage of skilled workers and the demands on employees are increasing. A solid employer brand can help to attract talented specialists from Switzerland and abroad and retain them in the long term. Through targeted employer branding measures, Swiss companies can strengthen their competitiveness on the labor market and be perceived as first-class employers.