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Organizational structure

The term "organizational structure" comes from the field of organizational theory and describes the structure of an organization. It is the structuring of the various tasks, responsibilities and powers within a company and the definition of the relationships between the individual positions. In other words, the organizational structure determines how the hierarchy levels are arranged, who reports to whom and who can make which decisions.

Organizational structure vs. process organization

There is a difference between organizational structure and process organization. The organizational structure defines the structure and hierarchy of a company, while the process organization deals with the specific procedures and processes within this structure. The process organization determines how the tasks are actually carried out, who carries out which activities and the sequence in which this is done.

Characteristics of an organizational plan

In an organizational structure, there are clear hierarchies that separate the different levels from one another. All employees know who to contact if they have questions or problems and what tasks they have to perform. The communication channels are defined and the structures are clearly visible. This enables efficient collaboration and clear responsibilities. Companies in the EU and Switzerland are legally obliged to define a clear organizational structure. The purpose of this is not only to improve the structure of the company, but also to ensure that legal provisions are complied with and transparency is guaranteed.

Designing the organizational structure

Companies must analyze their goals, processes and structures in order to design an organizational structure. Efficient decision-making channels should be ensured by establishing the right hierarchy. It is advisable to keep communication channels short to ensure that information is passed on quickly. It is important to regularly check whether the organizational structure meets current requirements and to make adjustments if necessary.