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Evaluation form for the job interview

During the application process, companies use a structured document to evaluate candidates during the interview - this is called an assessment sheet. Typically, the sheet includes various criteria that allow interviewers to make objective assessments and compare candidates fairly. Professional qualifications, communication skills, ability to work in a team, motivation and suitability for the advertised position may be included on an interview evaluation sheet. Interviewers often rate candidates using a scale or by ticking off predetermined rating levels.

How do you use an interview evaluation form?

During the interview, interviewers use the rating sheet to systematically collect and record information about the candidates. By scoring candidates' responses to pre-defined questions and documenting their impressions during the interview, they can ultimately make informed decisions about which candidate is the best fit for the advertised position. The purpose of the evaluation form is also to make the selection process transparent and comprehensible. Companies can use the written assessments to ensure that their decisions are based on objective criteria and that discriminatory or arbitrary selection procedures are avoided.

What are the benefits of an interview evaluation form?

There are several advantages to using an interview evaluation form. First of all, it helps the interviewer to proceed in a structured manner and to consider all relevant aspects of the applicant. As a result, more informed and fairer decisions are made when selecting new employees. The evaluation form also enables a better comparison of candidates, as they are all assessed according to the same criteria. This allows companies to identify and hire the most suitable candidates for the vacancy, making the process easier.

What is the ideal design of an interview evaluation form?

It is important that the interview evaluation form is well structured and easy to understand. The relevant criteria for the position must be included and there must be enough space for the interviewers to record their ratings and comments. It is also important to regularly review and adapt the evaluation form to ensure that it meets the current requirements of the company and the job market. In addition, data protection regulations should be observed to protect the applicants' privacy when using the evaluation form.