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Hospitality voucher

An entertainment receipt records the expenses for business entertainment and catering costs. It is used to document expenses for business meals and drinks for tax purposes. Companies use entertainment receipts to ensure that expenses are recorded correctly and to take advantage of potential tax benefits. 

What is the importance of a hospitality receipt?

 It is important to have a hospitality receipt to ensure transparency and traceability of business expenses. By documenting hospitality expenses, companies can ensure that they comply with tax regulations and take advantage of potential tax benefits. A hospitality receipt enables efficient accounting and budgeting as it helps to verify and control expenses.

What should a hospitality receipt include?

To serve as valid proof of business entertainment expenses, an entertainment receipt should contain certain information. This information includes the date of the entertainment, the location, the names of the people present, the type of expenditure (e.g. lunch, dinner), the total amount and the VAT. To ensure smooth accounting and auditing, the hospitality receipt should show all the necessary details clearly and concisely.

EU and Switzerland regulations

There are specific rules and regulations for entertainment receipts and business entertainment expenses in the EU and Switzerland. It is necessary for companies to comply with local tax regulations and ensure that their entertainment receipts meet the relevant requirements. It is important to be aware of the current laws and regulations on entertainment receipts in order to maximize tax benefits and minimize tax risks.