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Candidate Journey

The candidate journey encompasses the process an applicant goes through when applying for a job with a company. All interactions between an applicant and a potential employer, from the initial job advertisement to recruitment, are part of this journey. The aim of the candidate journey is to ensure that applicants have a positive experience and thus strengthen the employer brand.

Create awareness

Raising awareness is the first step in the candidate journey. This can be done through job advertisements, career sites, social media or employee referrals. Ensure that potential candidates are given clear information about vacancies, company culture and values to pique their interest.

Application and screening

Once an applicant has discovered a vacancy, the application and screening process begins. This includes filling out application forms, completing interviews and possibly taking tests or assessments. It is important that the application process is efficient and transparent so that candidates feel valued and engaged.

Interview and selection process

Applicants have the opportunity to introduce themselves personally in the interview and selection process and to obtain further information about the position and the company. In order for companies to make objective decisions, interviews must be fair and structured. During this step, positive contact with the applicant can increase their commitment and interest.

Onboarding and integration

Once an applicant has successfully passed the selection process, the onboarding and integration phase begins. During this phase, it is important that companies make sure that new employees feel welcome, can quickly grow into their roles and have access to all the necessary resources and information. New employees can be successfully integrated into the company through a structured induction program.