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Parental leave

Parental leave refers to the legally regulated time off that parents can take from work to care for their newborn or adopted child. During this time, parents are protected from dismissal and can apply for financial support in the form of parental allowance. Mothers and fathers in Germany have the opportunity to take parental leave in order to devote themselves fully to caring for their child and at the same time secure their job.

Parental leave in Germany

In Germany, parents can take up to 36 months of parental leave in total. It can be taken until the child is three years old. During parental leave, parents have protection against dismissal and can work part-time in order to achieve a better work-life balance. Parents are also entitled to parental allowance during this time. Parental leave can also be split between both parents to ensure that the child is cared for equally.

Parental leave in the EU

Parental leave regulations vary from country to country in the European Union. The EU Parental Leave Directive grants all parents the right to at least four months of unpaid parental leave. During this time, parents are guaranteed the right to return to their job or an equivalent job. Some EU countries also have more generous provisions that allow parents to take parental leave beyond the prescribed four months.

Parental leave in Switzerland

There is no statutory parental leave in Switzerland as there is in Germany. However, parents are entitled to paid maternity and paternity leave of 14 weeks each. is two weeks. Furthermore, parents in Switzerland have the option of working flexible hours to ensure that their children are cared for. In Switzerland, employers are required to help parents balance work and family life.

Applying for parental leave

Parents must inform their employer in good time and submit a written request to apply for parental leave. To allow sufficient time for planning, the application should be submitted at least seven weeks before the start of parental leave. During parental leave, parents retain their leave entitlement and can plan their return to work together with their employer. In order to plan parental leave optimally, it is crucial to take into account the specific regulations of the country or company in question.