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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement refers to how motivated and committed employees are to their work. Employees are connected to their work, their company and the company's goals, as shown by the scale. Employees who are engaged are more productive and satisfied as they contribute their full potential. They feel closely connected to the company, its values and goals. Employee engagement therefore plays a crucial role in the success of a company.

Why is employee engagement important

Employee engagement is important for the long-term success of a company. Employees who are engaged are more motivated, productive and innovative. They have a positive attitude towards work and are willing to commit to the success of the company. This has a direct impact on a company's performance and profitability. In addition, strong employee engagement leads to a positive corporate culture in which employees feel valued and heard.

Improving employee engagement: strategies

 There are various methods to increase employee motivation. These include regular feedback, recognition of achievements, opportunities for professional development, open communication and the promotion of a balanced working environment. Employee surveys can be conducted by companies to measure employee engagement and take targeted improvement measures. Clear career prospects, a positive working environment and the involvement of employees in decision-making processes are also important factors in boosting employee engagement. 

Importance of employee engagement in the EU and Switzerland 

The topic of employee engagement is becoming increasingly important in the EU and Switzerland. Companies see the benefits of engaged employees and are increasing their investment in measures to increase employee engagement. In the EU, too, there are legal regulations and guidelines aimed at promoting employee engagement. Values such as trust, respect and fairness play an important role in Switzerland in creating an environment that motivates employees to actively contribute and give their best.