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Internal recruitment

Internal recruitment

Online recruitment refers to the process by which companies fill vacancies by recruiting and promoting internal employees. This approach allows companies to promote and develop qualified employees internally, which can strengthen employee retention. Internal recruitment can increase employee motivation and performance by enabling them to develop professionally and take on new challenges.

Benefits of internal recruitment

Recruiting online offers companies various benefits. By promoting internal employees, companies can save on the costs of recruiting external staff. In addition, internal candidates are already familiar with the company culture, so they usually require less training time. This can help to increase continuity and productivity within a company. Employees can also feel more satisfaction through internal recruitment as they realize that their work and performance is valued.

The process of internal recruitment

Involved in the internal recruitment process is the identification of potential candidates within the company, the assessment of their skills and experience and the selection of the most suitable candidate for the vacancy. Employees can be given the opportunity to apply for vacant positions by companies publishing internal job advertisements. To ensure that all qualified employees have the same opportunities to apply internally, it is important to act transparently and fairly. The legal aspects of internal recruitment are the subject of this section. Companies in the EU and Switzerland must ensure that their internal recruitment processes comply with applicable labor laws and anti-discrimination laws. This means that internal job advertisements should be transparent and all qualified employees should have the opportunity to apply. It is important that companies ensure that promotion decisions are based on objective criteria and that there is no discrimination based on gender, age, ethnicity or other protected characteristics. To ensure the legitimacy of the internal recruitment process, it is crucial to be transparent and fair.