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Employee appraisal

Employee appraisals assess the performance, skills and development opportunities of employees in a company. The aim is to review employee performance, give them feedback, identify development opportunities and ultimately increase their performance and satisfaction. This process may be conducted annually, semi-annually or at regular intervals to strengthen collaboration between employees and managers.

Why is employee appraisal important?

It is important to improve the performance of employees and promote their professional development. Employee appraisal is therefore an important tool in HR management. Feedback meetings at regular intervals allow strengths and weaknesses to be identified in order to work on targeted improvements. Employees receive clear feedback on their performance and can better align their goals. Employee appraisals are also used as a basis for personnel decisions such as promotions, further training measures or even dismissals. What is the process of an employee appraisal? An employee appraisal usually consists of several steps. The employee's performance is assessed on the basis of defined objectives and criteria. This is followed by the actual appraisal, in which line managers assess the employee's performance and provide feedback. Development goals are then jointly defined and measures to improve performance are agreed. To ensure that the process is accepted and effective, employee appraisals must be fair, transparent and comprehensible.

Recommendations for a successful employee appraisal

In order for the employee appraisal to be successful, line managers and employees must be well prepared for the meeting. It would be appropriate for line managers to focus on constructive feedback and set clear goals for the future. Employees are expected to be open to feedback and actively participate in shaping their professional development. It is also important to view employee appraisal as an ongoing process rather than a one-off event. Regular feedback meetings and target agreements help to improve employee performance and satisfaction in the long term.

Legal aspects of employee appraisal

In the EU and Switzerland, legal requirements apply to data protection and the handling of employee data, which are also relevant to employee appraisals. Employees must be informed about the purpose of the appraisal and the handling of the data collected must comply with legal requirements. In order to avoid legal disputes, it is important that employee appraisals are carried out objectively, comprehensibly and without discrimination. It is advisable to know the current laws and regulations on employee evaluation and to ensure that the process is legally compliant.