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Conduct appraisal interview

An appraisal is a regular meeting where a manager and an employee come together to discuss performance, goals, development opportunities and other relevant topics. Conducting an appraisal interview is an integral part of HR management in companies and is used to promote cooperation, evaluate performance, set goals and support the professional development of employees.

Why are performance reviews important

It is crucial to conduct performance reviews to increase employee performance and motivation. By talking frequently, goals can be clearly defined, feedback given and development opportunities identified. Employee job satisfaction improves positively when they are heard, understood and valued. It is also possible to identify and resolve potential conflicts at an early stage, which helps to improve the working atmosphere. In the EU and Switzerland, employee appraisals are widely used in HR management to support the performance and development of employees. Companies are expected to conduct performance reviews in a professional and respectful manner in order to create a positive working atmosphere and strengthen employee loyalty.

How can you prepare for an appraisal interview?

It is crucial to prepare well for a successful performance review. Before the meeting takes place, it is important that both the line manager and the employee think about topics such as performance, goals, development, strengths and weaknesses. It is important to have concrete examples of praise, criticism or suggestions for improvement ready. It is also important to set goals for the future and discuss development opportunities. It can be helpful to keep the conversation efficient and focused by using a structured guide. It is important to actively listen during the interview, give feedback and clarify open questions. It is just as important to treat each other with respect as it is to create a positive atmosphere during the interview.

Recommendations for a successful performance review

It is important to ensure open communication in order to conduct a successful appraisal interview. It is important that both praise and constructive criticism are appropriate and balanced. It makes sense to communicate with the employee on an equal footing and include them in the dialog. The conversation should continue to focus on seeking solutions and looking for ways to improve together. In order to motivate and encourage employees, the goals should be formulated in concrete, measurable and realistic terms. Finally, the agreements reached in the discussion should be recorded in writing and regularly reviewed in order to document progress and adjust them if necessary.

How to deal with difficult interview situations

Sometimes employee appraisals can become difficult due to conflicts or problems. In such situations, it is important to remain calm, look at the situation objectively and look for solutions. It is advisable to show mutual respect and work constructively to solve problems. If difficulties persist, it can be helpful to bring in an external mediator or coach to guide the conversation and find a solution that is acceptable to both sides. Finally, it is important to view difficult conversations as an opportunity to develop and improve the collaboration.