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Personnel marketing

HR marketing refers to all measures aimed at attracting potential applicants for vacancies in a company. This includes targeting candidates in order to arouse their interest in employment and attract the right talent for the position in question. The purpose of recruitment marketing is to increase a company's appeal as an employer and build a long-term relationship with highly qualified professionals.

Importance of personnel marketing

In today's competition for qualified employees, HR marketing plays a decisive role in the success of companies. Companies can strengthen their employer image and position themselves as an attractive employer through targeted HR marketing measures. This is particularly important for attracting qualified applicants and retaining them in the long term. HR marketing includes various measures such as placing job advertisements, presenting the company at careers fairs, social media activities and employee referral programs.

HR marketing in the EU

Certain legal frameworks for recruitment marketing activities apply in the European Union. It is important that companies ensure that their recruitment marketing activities comply with EU data protection regulations, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This applies in particular to the processing of personal data of applicants and employees. In addition, special laws and regulations may apply to recruitment marketing in certain EU countries that must be observed.

HR marketing in Switzerland

Companies in Switzerland also attach great importance to HR marketing. In addition to the general principles of personnel marketing, companies in Switzerland must comply with the country's specific labor law regulations. These include regulations on employment contracts, working hours and notice periods. In addition, Switzerland's cultural diversity is also relevant in HR marketing, as companies must ensure that they support a diverse workforce.

Measuring success in personnel marketing

It is possible to measure the effectiveness of HR marketing measures using various key figures. These include the number of applications per job advertisement, the quality of applicants, the cost per recruitment and also employee retention after recruitment. Companies can improve their HR marketing and respond specifically to the needs of the labor market and applicants by continuously monitoring its success.