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Retention Management

Retention management, also known as employee retention, refers to a company's strategies and measures for retaining talented employees in the long term. The aim is to motivate employees to develop a bond with the company and to remain with the company in the long term. Retention management has a positive effect on reducing fluctuation, increasing employee satisfaction and boosting productivity.

Why is retention management so important?

It is crucial for the long-term success of a company to consider retention management. High costs arise from the loss of talented employees for the recruitment and training of new employees. In addition, increased turnover can worsen the working atmosphere and reduce team productivity. By investing in retention management, companies can retain their top employees, strengthen their corporate culture and remain competitive in the long term.

Tips for effective retention

Companies can take various measures to strengthen employee loyalty. This includes creating a positive corporate culture, recognizing and valuing employees, promoting professional development and training opportunities, flexible working time models and attractive remuneration and benefits packages. By responding to the needs and wishes of their employees and creating a motivating working environment, companies can increase employee loyalty and build long-term relationships.

Managing customer loyalty in the EU and Switzerland

There are legal requirements in the European Union to protect employee rights, which also have an impact on retention management. It is important that companies ensure that their retention policies comply with applicable labor laws and respect employees' rights.

In Switzerland, although it is a non-EU country, certain labor laws apply that can affect employee retention. Companies need to find out what the legal framework is and adapt their retention management accordingly.

The importance of managers in retention management Managers play an important role in employee retention. Managers can strengthen the commitment and loyalty of their teams by creating an open communication climate, giving feedback, recognizing employees' achievements and involving them in decision-making processes. It is important that managers act as role models and embody the company's values in order for employees to gain trust and remain loyal to the company in the long term.