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Supplementary agreement employment contract

An addendum to an employment contract is a written agreement that is added to an existing employment contract to set out specific terms or agreements between the employer and employee. It is possible that this supplementary agreement regulates various aspects of the employment relationship, such as working hours, salary, vacation entitlement, place of work or even special projects or tasks.

When should a supplementary agreement to the employment contract be used?

Normally, a supplementary agreement to the employment contract is used to make changes or additions to the existing contract without having to renegotiate the entire contract. This can happen if, for example, a promotion is accompanied by new tasks and a higher salary, but the basic terms of the employment contract are to remain the same. In such cases, a supplementary agreement is used to clearly and bindingly document the new agreements.

How can you draw up a supplementary agreement to an employment contract?

Normally, a supplementary agreement to the employment contract should be drawn up in writing and contain all the important details of the new agreements. To make the supplementary agreement legally binding, both the employer and the employee must sign it. To avoid misunderstandings, the supplementary agreement should be drafted in clear and understandable language. It may also be useful in some situations to seek legal advice to ensure that the supplementary agreement meets the legal requirements.

Legal issues surrounding supplementary agreements in employment contracts in the EU and Switzerland

As long as supplementary agreements to the employment contract in the European Union and Switzerland are drawn up in accordance with the applicable employment laws, they are legally binding. To be valid, the supplementary agreement must take into account all relevant legal provisions and regulations. It is advisable to find out about local laws and regulations before drawing up a supplementary agreement, as labor law regulations may vary from country to country.